Smart Home Automation System with One-Touch and Voice Control Convenience

The leader in smart home automation and control.

Enjoy a world of expanded entertainment and convenience with the ultimate in-home automation. Connect your home into an innovative, connected environment with the Intelligent Touch Panels and voice control of Amazon Alexa. This system will transform your living space into an extension of ourselves, making us more connected than ever while simplifying routine tasks like cooking or cleaning!

Your world, made simple

Your music, movies, and sports are at your command through a sleek remote in any room. Our intelligent home touch panel will seamlessly transform your living space!

AN Elegant + intuitive Smart Home

Home automation has never been more accessible. The ELAN intelligent home controller is the brains of your connected life, while remote controls and keypads bring this experience everywhere you go! With our system in place, you will be able to take complete control over all aspects from safety features such as cameras or door locks at once, so they work seamlessly without fail. Lighting adjustments can easily match preferred colours because it’s now possible with dimmer switches for every room.

Future-ready design

With the help of ELAN, you can have a home automation system that will scale with your needs. This means future expansions are quick and non-disruptive! Innovative technology is at our fingertips—allowing us to control everything in or around our homes easily from anywhere on any device, no matter where they're located physically.