Complete Control Of Your
    Entertainment Systems
    Control all your home entertainment systems with one easy to use unit,
    from the comfort of your sofa
  • ELAN
    One-Touch &
    Voice Control Convenience
    Intelligent Touch Panels and voice control
    through Amazon Alexa easier than ever
    to connect all your rooms.
    Control at your fingertips
    Instant control of lighting, music, climate and more
    Carlo Gavazzi
    Universal web platform
    UWP 3.0 is a monitoring gateway and controller that allows
    the monitoring and controlling of installations
    where Energy Efficiency Management,
Winner Of
Ravinder Sandhu

Ravinder Sandhu of Unique Buildings picks up the winner's award for the Best Domestic Install for the company's Highclere House project

Ravinder Sandhu

“Myself and my brother had a great evening where we had the opportunity to meet people in the industry that make it all happen, it was great to finally put names to faces. Winning the award was a great over whelming feeling and I will always cherish the moment, I share and dedicate this award with my team who helped put me here tonight. I say a big thank you to my team and all of the people who have supported me. Also, I would like to thank Johan and Helen who gave me the opportunity to run this project, Carlo Gavazzi for their continuing help and support throughout the project. The show I felt, opened doors for myself to establish further contacts in the industry, having all the distributors and other companies on hand to help potentially expand my business. The event was well planned and organised, with the seminars, stands and information available. A must for next year!”


Smart Home

Unique Buildings specialise in creating Smart homes. Our Smart Homes are made, designed and installed completely bespoke for you and your family and can include one or all of our services.

Home Cinema

The home cinema has arrived, and it's better than ever! A dedicated space for your favourite films, shows or gaming sessions in the comfort of your living room. You can design a theatre that will meet any budget with custom features to suit whatever style you're going for, from bedrooms down into basements,...

Electrical Installation

We can also provide complete electrical installation works for your project using our national network of partners, or you could ask us to find the right electrician...

Smart Lighting

The intelligent lighting in your home not only simplifies and de-clutters but can also make the place feel more welcoming. With an all off button by the front door or automatic sunset programs...


Our most popular services are CCTV and alarms. You want to protect your family, home—the whole nine yards! We can have alerts set off the second someone breaches an exterior perimeter with message notifications sent straight from wherever you're located in case of emergency...


What we refer to as the fourth service. You need your gas, water and electricity and more importantly you need good WiFi. We have all become so reliant on the internet and WiFi wether that be for work, the kids home work or just a browse on the socials or YouTube...

Smart MNE

Your building needs a lot of different things to keep it running efficiently. Unique Buildings specializes in the design and installation for all aspects...

Multi Room Audio

One of those things that once you've had, there is nothing like it! Music in your kitchen while cooking with some tunes playing. The radio can be found throughout most mornings and whatever scenario...

Blinds & Curtains

We all know that luxury brands are essential to have in our homes. Luxury items can range from clothing, furniture and more, but what if I tell you there's a way for your smart home...

Smart Homes

Unique Buildings specialise in creating Smart Homes. Our Smart Homes are made, designed and installed completely bespoke for you and your family and can include one or all of our services.

Home Control

Make Smart Home Project

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about living in a Smart Home.